Things can get tangled; you don’t have to feel angry about it. When you want to look presentable and reach somewhere on time, your necklace can deceive you right on the spot. By forming stubborn knots that are very difficult to untangle. Knots can form on your necklaces due to numerous reasons. But that’s not what we are focusing on. We are focusing on how to keep necklaces from tangling so you can look attractive. Fresh and happy about wearing your favourite necklace. 

How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling? - Complete Details

Following are some of the incredible hacks you can adopt if you’re looking for how to keep necklaces from tangling.

A Spacer For Your Necklace:

The first thing you can do is buy a good quality necklace spacer. Through this effective tool, you can keep all of your necklaces separate from one another. Whether your necklaces are shorter or lengthy, you can just put them on the hook of the necklace spacer. And easily wear them whenever you want to use your Personalized Jewelry

Try Different Lengths Of Necklaces:

The second thing is wearing different length-sized necklaces. When females wear necklaces of the same length. It is very easy for the same-length necklaces to intertwine with each other. That looks really bad when someone is outside or planning to visit someone. Because people notice small to big details about you. In that situation, it is important to wear different length-sized necklaces through which. It becomes difficult to intertwine with their same-sized necklaces. 

Layer Your Necklaces:

The third thing to do is wear necklaces of different weights and materials. Delicate necklaces can easily be tangled. To avoid this, layer heavy necklaces with light necklaces. Using heavy necklaces will ensure that light necklaces cannot move freely. And the heavy necklaces will also remain in their place. Providing you with a safe and secure spot to enjoy your travelling or important matters without feeling distracted.

Intertwining Different Necklaces Together:

The fourth thing is you can make two necklaces. You can do this by closing their hooks with one another. Select the metal and type of necklaces carefully. The weight of a necklace becomes stable when another necklace mixes up with it. In this way, you can enjoy wearing an untangled necklace easily. 

Special Jewelry Box With More Sections:

The fifth thing is placing your necklaces in a special jewellery box when not in use. This not only protects your necklace from dust, dirt, and debris. But also ensures that the different types of necklaces remain untangled due to the addition of different sections in the jewellery box. You can also place your necklace neatly on tissue paper and leave it in their respective section. 

You can also put titles on the head of the jewellery box’s sections to ensure the safe use of your animal necklaces. Don’t stuff your jewellery box with too many necklaces. Instead, make sure to put balanced pieces of jewellery in each section. An important type of jewellery box for keeping necklaces safe is jewellery rolls. 

Jewelry Hanger/ Stand:

The sixth thing is keeping your necklaces in jewellery hangers or stands. You can buy these jewellery hangers online or offline, and if you know DIY methods. Then you can make it by yourself and enhance the beauty of your house and your personality, too. Visit our website for best amanda jodie handbag.


Tangled necklaces can make a person mentally and physically angry and depressed. Choosing the right measures to know how to keep necklaces from tangling can help you wear your necklaces with pride. When your necklaces are organised in a jewellery box, or you are wearing them by mixing them with other necklaces. They will enhance your beauty and completely change your personality.