Wearing new or old necklaces of different lengths changes the entire look of your personality. But sometimes, you don’t feel satisfied with your look and want to change the length of your necklace. Increasing or decreasing the length of a necklace is an art. Not all the people are eligible to do it. But knowing how to shorten a necklace can help you when you’re running out of time. To take the help of professional jewellers.  

How To Shorten A Necklace? - Details

You must follow the below-mentioned steps to ace the “how to shorten a necklace” method. 

Necessary Tools:

The first step is having all the necessary tools by your side. This involves having some wire cutters, jewellery pliers, hooks or clasps (if your necklace doesn’t have it), jump rings, etc. With the help of these tools, you can easily shorten the length of your necklace. 

 Fixing A Certain Length:

The second step is fixing a certain length you want for your necklace. You can measure the right length for your necklace with a measuring tape. After affirming a certain length. You should also know that you’ll have to attach the hook of the necklace at that length. 

Choose A Specific Spot For This Task:

The third step is choosing a specific spot for changing the length of your necklace. As you know, for any task you do, you need a relaxing environment to do your task freely. Without anyone interrupting you repeatedly, so it’s important to choose a perfect spot for this purpose carefully. You can keep all the important tools related to this task by your side and use them without feeling disturbed. The animal necklace is available for purchase on our website, adding a touch of charm to your jewelry collection.

 Examine The Necklace:

The fourth step is examining your necklace carefully. You should carefully look for weak spots where you can use the tools to shorten the length of your necklace. You should also ensure it looks perfect when adding the hook or clasp to your necklace. 

Removal Of Unwanted Length:

The fifth step is removing the unwanted length with the help of wire cutters. But do this step carefully and leave some extra length for easy attachment of the hook of the necklace. 

 Add A Hook Or Clasp:

The sixth step is attaching an additional hook to your necklace if it doesn’t have it. You can skip this step if your necklace already has a hook. If not, then add it with the help of adding the jump ring on one side of the necklace. And the hook on the other side of the necklace. Don’t attach a hook that is not made up of your necklace’s metal. As it can lead to a difference in the quality of your necklace. Then, you should ensure you have attached the hook to the necklace. Tight enough not to fall off when you wear it. Buy now angelic halo ring at cheap price.

 Reassemble And Testing The Necklace:

The seventh step is after attaching the hook to your necklace if needed. It’s time to reassemble your necklace in its previous form. Tightly close the jump ring of the necklace with the help of jewellery pliers. After assembling your necklace, you should also check it out by wearing it. If you feel suffocation or tightness around your neck. You can repeat the steps mentioned earlier to get your required necklace length. The eighth step is polishing your necklace properly with the help of a clean Customizable Jewelry cloth. This will help you get a shiny and clean appearance from your necklace. 


To summarise how to shorten a necklace, follow the eight main steps. Make sure to follow them one by one. Getting the desired length for your necklace is possible with the help of choosing the right tools. The length of the necklace, regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your necklace, etc.